How to pay in the Netherlands

If you are new to the Netherlands, it is important to know how to make payments here. The Netherlands is known for its easy and modern payment systems. But there are a few important things to keep in mind.

The payment system in the Netherlands

The digital payment system in the Netherlands is highly advanced. In most shops and restaurants, you can pay using a debit card or through contactless payment methods. Cash usage is decreasing and becoming less common.

It is essential to always have a debit card with you. You can also use digital payment methods, such as Apple Pay or Google Pay. This will ensure that you can make payments smoothly and easily in most situations.

The use of credit cards and contactless payments

Unlike in other countries, the use of credit cards and cash payments is not as popular in the Netherlands. While some shops and restaurants accept credit cards, it is more convenient to use a debit card.

The rise of digital payment services

One of the increasingly popular ways to make payments in the Netherlands is through digital payment services, such as Apple Pay or Google Pay. These services are widely used and well-supported in the country.

Insight into expenses and income through banking apps

Dutch banks offer a convenient way to keep track of your expenses and income. When you open a bank account, you gain access to an online banking environment through a mobile app. With this app, you can check your balance, view your income and expenses and manage your finances.

These apps are a useful tool for managing your finances. Additionally, these apps are important for keeping track of where your money is being spent. Learn more about safe online banking via internet en apps.

Opening a bank account in the Netherlands

To open a bank account in the Netherlands, you need a Citizen Service Number (BSN). The BSN is a unique number given by the government to citizens of the Netherlands. The BSN is important for opening a bank account. To apply for a BSN, you first need to have an address in the Netherlands.

Apply for a BSN

When opening a bank account, you usually need to go to a bank in person. You need to bring the following documents:

  • A valid form of identification such as a passport or identity card.
  • Proof of registration at the municipality with your new address.
  • Proof of income, such as an employment contract or recent pay stub.

A bank account in the Netherlands is commonly used for receiving your salary, paying bills, transferring money and handling other financial matters.

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